With Daniel Dargis building expert you are in good hands for the inspection, calculations, plans for building permits of your small or large building and for obtaining a compliance report for the acceptance of occupancy of your building. Our group of engineers respond rapidly to your structural and residential or commercial building needs. They are responsible for the verification of load-bearing walls, calculations and plans of columns and wooden beams in 2×10, LVL or steel by an engineer or for the structural plans of complete enlargements of houses, new houses, the supervision of works or even the design of more intricate custom structures and concrete structures. An engineer comes over to inspect the structure of your building or receives you in the office with your sketches and designs in order to conceive new structural systems. We cover an area of more than 300 km around Montréal, from Ottawa to Québec City and from the US border to Mont-Tremblant.
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Water infiltration, efflorescence and foundation crumbling in the basement

Daniel Dargis, expert in buildings, tells us about a case of water infiltration and efflorescence in the basement. What are the things and clues to observe? How to reason and analyze the situation? What are the progressive solutions in terms of budget, quality and guarantee of the work? Several aspects are addressed in relation to the presence of water and humidity in the basement.

Inspection of cracks, water infiltration, efflorescence of basement foundation slab

The presence of water in the basement does not always mean the presence of cracks and infiltrations. It is important to know how to observe, to know the different construction techniques that have evolved since the 1900s. There is not necessarily a universal repair technique for all situations of water in the basement (drain, membrane,...).

Lintel beam for a basement window opening

In this case, the client found himself with a floor subsidence on the first floor, caused by joists that were only supported by the frame of a basement window. It is a question of artisanal work which was carried out in the past without taking certain precautions. The intervention consists in adding a steel lintel above the basement foundation window in order to properly support the floor joists on the first floor.

Efflorescence of masonry, brick, concrete foundation, slab and balcony

Here is how efflorescence can be found in various places on the building: the basement slab, the foundation walls, and on the masonry... . What can cause this efflorescence? What are the signs to notice? What are the progressive solutions in terms of budget, quality and guarantee of the work? Here is a brief introduction to the presence of efflorescence inside the basement and outside on masonry (brick) and balconies, through real situations.

Inspection of basement, foundation cracks, water infiltration, insulation and French drain

Here are 5 possible sources, the most common, of water infiltration in the basement and the actions (minor or major) to be taken, according to the indications, the budget and the investment plan of the customer in the short, medium and long term. The first possible source of water infiltration or leakage (on the basement floor) is the foundation crack, then...

Renovation in a basement, retaining wall in a service cellar

Construction of a retaining wall in a basement (also known as a "service cellar") to house hot water tanks. This was done to free up space in the living quarters. We can see the work in progress but also the 3D structural plans for the reinforced concrete walls and the steel columns to support the beam of the first floor.

Digging a basement, a service cellar for a house extension

Daniel Dargis explains some elements to consider before thinking about doing an expansion project by digging a basement. This is even before starting architectural plans. It is always a good idea to have an engineer visit the site first and then guide the architect or technologist to avoid plan corrections. It is also important to have the structural work supervised by an engineer to obtain a letter of compliance.

House lifting and foundation reconstruction and basement renovation

When lifting a house and rebuilding the foundation is necessary, what is involved and what are the steps for demolition and rebuilding the foundation and basement? This is one of the few videos that shows how the contractor goes about lifting the house and rebuilding a new foundation. Specialized synchronized hydraulic equipment is used to gently lift the house in a balanced manner to limit cracking.